StartUp Story Slam is teaming up with the Philly Immigrant Innovation Hub for a special summer StorySlam with a focus on stories by immigrant entrepreneurs! Come out on Wednesday, June 29th at 6:30 pm and tell your story or just cheer on others! PhillyIHub is located at 6700 Germantown Avenue, Mt Airy, PA. Grab your tickets below!

At StartUp StorySlam, we hear five minute stories about starting, working in, and operating a business. We want to hear about the "why" behind running a business. Tell us a story about the moment your realized the real "why" you work hard every day. Give us a story about how you came to start your business or how you came to find the job you are currently in. We want to hear the funniest story, the saddest tale, the most inspiring saga that you have told your fellow co-workers, family and friends.

The Philadelphia Immigrant Innovation Hub provides aspiring entrepreneurs and established small business owners with the tools and expertise they need to develop their businesses. Based in the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood of Mt. Airy, the program welcomes both immigrant newcomers and longtime residents who have the ambition to start or grow a commercial enterprise.

Pick up your tickets and we'll see you on Wednesday, June 29th! Click here for TICKETS!