startupslamroundtwo-7_2Do you have a StartUp Story? Our next StartUp StorySlam will be held on Thursday, February 4th at Benjamin’s Desk in Philadelphia, PA. Doors open at 6:30 and we start hearing stories around 7pm. The theme for the night is "Contagious!" Come out and join us, see what StartUp StorySlam is all about! Reserve your tickets by clicking HERE.

What stories fit the theme of "Contagious?"

We want to hear stories about ideas that caught on and StartUps that spread like wildfire. We want to listen to concepts that didn't catch on - at first - but after making adjustments to the concept, tweaking the business model, or finding a new partner, the concept quickly built an audience and infected customers. Perhaps your story is working in pharmaceuticals, where you truly developed something to help those who are contagious, but your story could be about that iPhone app that went viral. Have you seen someone who spread a positive attitude in your workplace in a contagious way? There are tons of ways to thing about "Contagious." You get the idea!

Come out to Benjamin's Desk on Thursday, February 4th, see what StartUp StorySlam is all about! Benjamin's Desk is located at 1701 Walnut St. From the corner of Walnut and 17th, walk north on 17th and you will see the door on the left. Tell your story or just listen in and meet others. Bring your business cards! Reserve your tickets by clicking HERE.